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AC Investments prides itself at being a fast cash house buyer with the ability to exchange in 7 days if required.

There is more to the process than just buying houses. We are interested in helping you out of a difficult situation. Whether you are stuck in a property chain, going though a divorce, your buyer has pulled out of the sale, your house is facing repossession, or any other reason that requires your house to be sold fast, we are here to help.



It can be daunting to sell your home, and sometimes unwanted. This is why we try to find custom solutions that suit your timescale and desires. This includes solutions such as selling and renting back, meaning you do not need to move out of your house, and get the added benefit if you are in arrears to have the arrears cleared and the profit in your pocket to help you to move on with your life. The one thing about repossession is that once it occurs your mortgage payments made over the many years you may have owned your house count for nothing, so essentially you are throwing away all the gains made by the rise in value of your property.


If you simply require selling your property fast we can arrange to view the property at your convenience and make an immediate cash offer. No more estate agent viewings or unreliable buyers, just a simple and fair cash offer on your home.


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