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A.C Investments will buy your house quickly. We Specialise in buying property in the UK.

What's involved in getting a quick sale in Kent

It all depends on why you want a quick sale and how flexible you are.

We can provide solutions that are catered to your individual needs. Kent is sometimes known as the Garden of England because of its agricultural influence, extensive orchards and hop-gardens. Being a Kent homeowner I don’t need to remind you that if you have owned your property for any considerable about of time the chances are it has gone up in value. This is of great benefit to you as it means that you have some equity in your property.
In exchange for a quick cash completion of your Kent Property, we generally purchase the property at around 15 – 20% below market value. This creates a win for you the seller, as you will have your hands on the cash tied up in your Kent property as soon as possible. It also avoids you having to go through the long, and often very frustrating process of advertising trough an estate agent, arranging viewings, buyers pulling out, having to wait for buyers in a chain, or raise a mortgage….the list goes on. Selling to us who have cash funds available makes for a hassle free experience. It also creates a win for us, as we get a discount on the property for being able to work with your timescale.

A quick property sale is not just about selling something, it’s also about helping you out if you are in a difficult situation. Divorce, Debt, Impending Bankruptcy, Death etc, can all be reasons to search for the quick sale for your Kent property. We will be happy to work with you through your troubling times, and ensure that discretion is of the utmost of importance, and it’s not just Kent that we deal with….we look at opportunities all over the UK, including those in London and the South East. We have been providing sellers like yourself with a quick sale since 2002.

Recommend someone who wants a quick property sale in the UK

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are always happy to get new enquiries. Also there is an opportunity for you to make some money yourself. If you know somebody who is thinking about selling, and would be willing to sell at up to 20% below market value for a quick sale, then please get in touch, as if we end up purchasing the property, you will be paid £500

for the recommendation!!!

More questions on getting a quick Kent property sale

Remember it’s not just Kent we do quick property sales in, we buy properties from all locations in the UK.  If you have any other questions, then please visit the FAQ page, which has a host of common questions asked by our other clients wanting a quick property sale.

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