Frequently Asked Questions - Selling your house quickly

Q. What types of property do you buy?

We buy all types of residential properties leasehold or freehold, vacant and tenanted throughout England.

Q. Does it matter if the property is in poor condition?

We frequently buy properties which require updating and are in need of general refurbishment.

Q. How long will the process take?

It can be completed as quickly as you wish. Just state the timescales required. We can complete in as little as 3 weeks if required, but usually the whole process takes 3-4 weeks.

Q. What will the service cost?

A: Nothing. There are no estate agents fees and no survey fees. It is esentially a private sale.

Q: Will I still require a Solicitor?

A: Yes, but fortunately we can arrange this for you if you wish. Alternatively, you can use your current Solicitor. We will pay your solicitor fees up to 500.


Q: How much will you offer for my property?

A: It sound like a cliche...but it's true...every property is unique, and so is every offer. In general we offer a trade price of between 75% - 85% of the full market value of your property in it's current condition


Q: What will you do with the property once you have bought it?

A: The majority of properties that we purchase are  rented privately.


Q: I would like the highest price possible, but may knock a couple of grand off the price, should i still contact you?


NO. If you have the luxury of time, you are better off using an estate agent who will be able to get you a price as near to full market value as possible. You'll have to endure a 4-5 month sale process though.  


Q: A company has offered me 95%...can you match or beat that offer?

YES and NO. If you have been offered 95% or more in the current market by an investor, this is considered a very good offer. The "best" solution is not always the highest offer, so YES we can beat most offers in terms of a custom, fair and guaranteed solution for you, but not based on price alone.

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