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AC Investments: UK Cash Property Buyers

The steps when selling to a cash property buyer

If you’ve ever sold a property through conventional means, you will find that selling your property to a cash property buyer is much simpler and hassle free than any other method.

There are many reasons why someone may choose to look for a home buyer that can buy cash. It is usually that their situation requires them to sell their home quickly, and cash is the only way to sell a property as quickly as possible.


What exactly is a Cash Property Buyer?

If you’ve never sold for cash before don’t let the term fool you. It doesn’t mean that the property buyer turns up with a briefcase full of £50 notes in exchange for your home, that’s not allowed in this country! It means that we are in a position to call ourselves a cash home buyer because we do not need to raise a mortgage, we have the cash funds available in our bank accounts ready to transfer to your solicitors for a quick and painless completion. Anyone who offers you actual cash in your hand for your home is breaking the law, and asking you to do the same. All properties purchases in the UK must go through a solicitor.

I can’t afford the fees associated with selling my property

This is quite a common scenario. Since many people who choose to sell their property to a cash buyer are in financial difficulty, the prospect of fees is even more of a burden. The good news is that because we are private home buyers we do not have any fees, unlike an estate agent who earns a commission for selling your home. Depending on your situation, we are also able to help you with the legal costs of selling your home.

Another area where AC Investments as cash property buyers differ from other buyers is that we offer ‘solutions’ to your problems, meaning we can present a range of purchasing options, and you can decide which one suits your requirements best. The most important thing is that you are left with the cash at the end of the deal. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are home buyers who understand our clients, we have your interests in the forefront of all the solutions we present.

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