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AC Investments can help you to stop eviction regardless of which stage in the process you find yourself in.

If you have missed a mortgage or loan payment and find yourself in mortgage arrears – Do Not Delay, we can help you if you TAKE ACTION NOW.

If you have received a court date, it’s not too late – However if you do not ACT QUICKLY then you may find yourself being repossessed.


When does the bank threaten me with Repossession?

When you apply for a mortgage, you enter into a contract with the bank. Part of that contract states that your house may be at risk of repossession if you do not keep up loan repayments. Once you fall behind on as little as 2 payments, it is not only very difficult to recover from the missed payment(s), but the lender also sees 2 months as sufficient arrears to begin eviction and repossession proceedings.

Don't Let Them Take Your Property

AC Investments can help you to stop an impending eviction, whatever stage of the process you find yourself in:

  • If you have missed mortgage or loan repayments and fear repossession - We can help!
  • If you have received a court date, it is not too late! - However if you do not act quickly then you could find your home being repossessed!
  • Even if you have been to court and have already handed over the keys to your home, as long as the property has not yet been sold then it is not too late to stop your repossession!

Repossession Process & Proceedings

It is in your lenders interest to come to an agreement with you to clear your mortgage arrears to avoid them taking out repossession proceedings against you. One solution used before repossession is to allow you to make ‘overpayments’ over a period of time until you have cleared your arrears. If your lender feels that your arrears are more than you are able to pay back over an acceptable period of time, they usually take the matter to the county court to being repossession proceedings against you, this involves applying for a repossession order. If the county court grants the right to repossession it is very likely that you will face imminent repossession by the date allocated.

One thing you must to is stay in contact with your lender and inform them of any changes in your situation. It is important that you do not ignore there correspondence related to repossession of your property.

The main outcomes of repossession orders in a county court are as follows:

  • The court can suspend the repossession order. This usually occurs if there has been a agreement to clear the arrears
  • The court can dismiss the repossession order. This only happens if the arrears are paid in full
  • The court can grant repossession/eviction. This will happen if there in no improvement in your situation and you have not followed a suspended court ruling.

If you have been sent an eviction date from the courts, it is not too late, we can STILL stop the repossession. If you have been threatened with repossession you need to act now and we will do our best to find a solution for you.

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