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Regulated, Protected and Life Tenancies

Want are Regulated (or protected) tenancies?

A regulated tenancy generally refers to a tenancy that commenced before 15th January 1989 and entitles the tenant to stay in the property for as long as they wish providing they maintain the rent payments that are usually set at a figure considerably below the market rate. Due to the protected nature of the tenant, these properties are not very attractive to the vast majority of investors.


What is a “Life Tenant”

A Life tenant is a tenant that can live in a property for the rest of the life without having to pay ANY rent. They are usually given this right due to them having sold their home for a small percentage of it’s value possibly using an equity release scheme, or sometimes the tenancy may be inherited or passed down as part of an estate or will.

Often people can inherit these types of properties that provide no income. They are a very long term investment that may prove fruitful upon they tenancy ending, but often owners who may inherit such properties prefer the cash to spend today.


Are these properties Mortgagable?

In both regulated and life tenancies banks will not lend money on these types of properties as they have no way of gaining possession of the property in the event of the lender defaulting on the mortgage (plus they probably wouldn’t lend it any case on a property with very little, or no income).


Who buys properties with Regulated and Life Long Tenants?

Regulated and life tenancies are purchased by specialist firms with deep pockets (such as pension funds) or private investors who take a particularly long term view of their investments. We purchase these types of properties and also work with specialist private investors who can purchase these properties for cash very quickly if required.


What factors affect the value of properties with Regulated & Life Tenants?

There are numerous factors that investors consider when assessing the value of these properties including: the age of the tenant, their health/lifestyle, location of property and whether they have dependants or partners (these tenancies can be passed down to a spouse or family member).


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